Bonjour à tous!

My name is Eileen Pierre. I am a Primary and Secondary French Teacher currently working at an International School in Thailand, as well as an IB examiner for the Ab Initio programme. I also teach French IGCSE and have previously taught GCSE and AS/A2 in England, where I completed my PGCE. 

Not only am I passionate about what I do, but I also understand that Listening is a hard skill for students to practise and master. For teachers, it is often a more difficult and time consuming one to create resources for.
So here I am! I hope that you find this website useful and that it helps you revise and/or learn lots of French.
And have fun with it too!

The Aim

On this website, I will mainly focus on providing revision tools using Audio and Video resources.
I have tried my best to ensure that they are relevant to the (I)GCSE and Ab initio curriculums. 

Independent learners and DELF students might also find this website useful if currently working at intermediate level.