Learn from Videos


First of all, and before you start, make sure you understand all questions and answers in the questionnaire.
Take your time, and watch the videos as many times as you need. 
You can slow down the videos (no more than 75%, otherwise it distorts words), but try NOT to use any subtitles. 
This is not necessarily considered a Listening exercise, as sometimes the questions might ask you to summarize or interpret what happened in the video, but there is a lot of useful vocabulary in all of them.  
Students generally find this activity quite challenging, but this is because these are authentic resources not necessarily adapted to foreign language learners. However, you will learn so much from them, not only language-wise, but also culturally. Pick your first one!

Home Schooling 

L'école à la maison

A short report from the French news on the topic of Education. 

Les Vieux et la Technologie

New Technologies

Another funny video from the famous French Youtuber Cyprien. This time, he makes fun of our parents and grandparents who, sometimes, struggle with new technologies. 

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Free Time and Health

Les enfants et la  télévision

A great video about the dangers of television. It's also an interesting listening activity as the video is from Quebec and exposes you to a different French-speaking accent.

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People and Experiences

Gagnants du Loto

What would you do if you won 3.5 million in the lottery? 

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Les Vacances

Cyprien, a famous French Youtuber, shares funny anecdotes about his trip to the US.


Les Animaux de Compagnie

Spend a day in the luxurious and busy life of this little French dog.

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Household Chores

Les tâches ménagères

A funny short film that tackles the not-so-funny topic of chores. 

Hobbies - Reading

La lecture

A short video from a very famous French comedian, Dany Boon, about young people and reading. (from 3:50)

Landscape (and Tourism)

Le Paysage de la Thaïlande

This video also demonstrates the negative impact of tourism on our beautiful planet. 


La nourriture

Another famous Youtuber, Norman, tells us everything there is to know about La Raclette (and its numerous unwritten rules). Careful: it includes a few swear words.

Summer Jobs

Au Pair en Angleterre

If you don't already know what being an Au Pair means, make sure to look it up first. These young French people tell you all about their experiences!

The Environment


An interesting video showing us ways of saving the planet from home. Feel free to watch until the end!

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