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Listening Practice

Do you have (I)GCSE or Ab initio exams coming up? Or do you simply want to improve your listening comprehension skills whilst revising key vocabulary and structures? You've come to the right place!


Before you start listening to the audio, download the worksheet.
Read the questions first (on page 1) and make sure you understand them - look up any unknown vocabulary and question words before you start.
Play back the audio as many times as you need. Remember, this is a learning/revision exercise, not a real test!
When you are finished or stuck, download the transcript and check your answers with the text, or finish answering the questions.
Don't forget to also complete the second page of the worksheet (which goes over the main vocabulary and grammar points from the topic), using the transcript this time. 
When completely done, download the answer sheet.

 CLICK ON THE PICTURES below to access the audio files and their corresponding resources : the questionnaires, transcripts and answer sheets.

Introducing Myself 

Je me Présente

In this audio, I will introduce myself, describe my family and talk about my pets. Revising all the basics.

My House

Ma Maison

The rooms of the house and the activities we do at home. With a touch of Imperfect and Conditional.

Past Holiday

Mes Dernières Vacances

Let's revise: countries, transport, accommodation, activities, and all the Past tenses in one!

Weekend PLans

Le Weekend Prochain

Here you will revise activities and the Future tenses, with lots of Near and Simple Future examples.


La Nourriture

In this audio, we'll talk about international foods, traditional vs. fast food, cooking and more!



We will revise French schools, subjects and teachers, timetable, buildings and extracurricular activities.



A revision of physical descriptions, personalities, clothes and some idiomatic expressions.



Christmas activities, food, holidays and also plenty of different tenses! Joyeux Noël! 

My town

Ma Ville

A thorough description of my town, including activities, transport and a few different tenses.

The Environment


Environmental problems, their consequences and how we can save our beautiful planet.

Routine & Chores

Ma Routine &
Tâches Ménagères 

To revise Daily Life vocabulary and sentence structures, Routine & Chores and a variety of tenses.

HeAlthy Lifestyle

Santé et Vie Saine 

In this recording, we talk about healthy eating, exercise, sleep and dealing with stress.   

New Technologies

Les Nouvelles Technologies

Coming soon​​​​​​​

Future Plans

Projets d'Avenir

Coming soon

Celebrations & Traditions

Fêtes et Traditions

Coming soon

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