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Revise with songs

Songs are a great way to get your ears and your brain used to  French sounds.
Click the links below to access the gap-fill exercises.
And if you decide to sing along, you'll improve your pronunciation too!


With most of these songs, you will have to slow them down to 75%, and it's absolutely fine, don't worry.
Try first to fill in the gaps without looking at the words in the box, to see how many you can actually understand and write down from memory.                           Listen to the song as many times as you need,
but try not to pause it after each gap. 
When you are finished and have checked your answers (you can easily find them on the Internet), you should make sure that you understand the meaning of the key words (the ones that were missing from the lyrics), and then eventually try and translate the whole song

La Famille


This song is a lot of fun and students love it, but they sing/rap really fast! So make sure to slow it down to 75%. 

Chez moi

The House

This song is quite slow paced, so you shouldn't have to slow it down. However, Louane tends to mumble quite a bit. Alternatively, you can listen to the original version by Renaud here. Let me know which one you found easier to listen to! 


My town

A lovely song describing Paris - you will be revising a lot of useful vocabulary. One of my favourites!

Le Livre de la Jungle

The Jungle Book

A great song to revise basic vocabulary and the Conditional. The lyrics are quite easy, but you might have to slow it down to 75%!


Love Song

The list wouldn't be complete without a love song. In 2002, Jenifer won the first ever singing reality TV show (La Star Academy) in France. 



A sad but powerful song about regrets. The video clip illustrates well the lyrics and will help you to understand them. The second page of the worksheet also includes a few questions. 

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